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Sneaky little social media experiment.

I’ve added a sneaky little popup that shows up when you go back to an older posts page (via the older posts link at the bottom of the page).

I added it because, as much as the traffic we get from reddit is great, we rarely get repeated visitors (<1% of traffic is returning visitors). I am attempting to increase our twitter following and returning traffic (did you know the bot has a twitter feed too?) with the popup. It only pops up once (by saving a cookie so it knows you’ve seen it before) and refreshing the page will make it go away for good. You don’t have to follow the bot on twitter or share on twitter or facebook, but it would be greatly appreciated if you did! If you think this is a stupid idea, please feel free to express your opinions in the comment section of this post or as a private message or comment reply to /u/blogifybot on reddit. I’ll try to respond to anybody who leaves a message. -Dev